Ghana Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form

Ghana Army recruitment

Apply for Ghana Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form to join Ghana Armed Forces. Basic requirements and recruitment process to be eligible to be recruited in the Ghana Armed Forces.

Ghana Army Recruitment requirement

  • The applicant must be a Ghanaian by birth.
  • They must be above 18 years and less than 25 or 27 years for tradesmen.
  • Must be of desirable character.
  • Their fitness level must match with the fitness standards of the Armed forces
  • Must be single, i.e. not married or bonded to any person.
  • Male and female applicants must have a height above 5’6” and 5’2” respectively. Military police applicants must be 5’9” and 5’7” tall for men and women respectively
  • The applicants must have reached Grade 6 and must have scored not less than 6 credits at BECE in English and Math.
  • Must have attained 5 credits in WASSCE.

How to Apply for Ghana Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form

  1. Acquire a scratch card at FIFTY GHANA CEDIS (GH¢ 50) from the designated regional post offices.
  2. Scratch gently to reveal the pin code. The scratch card can be used for three times until a record is successfully submitted.
  3. Log on to the recruitment portal @
  4. Read through the entry requirements thoroughly.
  5. Click on the Apply Now tab to open the applicant authentication page.
  6. Enter your card serial number, pin code and select your preferred arm of service, type of commission and click submit.
  7. Enter your personal details and take note of the following from Pages 1 to 3:                                                                 Page a. Select your desired vacancy and provide all other required data.
    b. Upload a scanned copy of your passport sized photograph of dimension (200 x 180 pixels), enter a valid e-mail address, personal mobile phone number in the format (233244123456) and enter any other required data.
    c. Enter your WASSCE/SSCE Index number, WASSCE/SSCE results slip serial number and select a tertiary institution from the list of schools. Enter your graduating GPA/CWA and provide all other required data. Upload only scanned copies of the following: WASSCE Results Slip and First Degree Certificate (Degree, HND). 
  8. Click on the preview button to see a summary page of all data provided. Read through this page carefully and click on the back button, if there are any modifications to be made.
  9. Click on the submit button and expect an instant e-mail and text message, which includes your unique system generated Identification Number.
  10. Print and keep a copy of the generated report as you will be required to present it, if you are shortlisted. However, if you lose your copy of the final report, go back to the recruitment  portal, click on the Check Details tab, enter your unique identification number sent to you by sms/e-mail and order a re-print.

NB: Each scanned document (Passport picture, WASSCE/SSCE results slip and First Degree Certificate) to be uploaded, should not exceed 1 Megabytes and should be in JPEG picture format only.

Ghana Army Recruitment Process

Upon online application, candidates who qualify are usually informed through a text message. The message alerts the candidates to continue with the process.

Here’s the process you must follow:

Presentation of documents

Upon confirmation that the candidate has qualified, a mass meeting of the candidates and the individuals is held. They have to present their academic and personal documents to prove that all the information they presented online is true. Additionally, the officials conduct a physical inspection on each candidate. For instance, they check the height and general fitness of the individual. Presentation of false documents is highly prohibited and a person found doing so can be sued.

Full body inspection

The candidates are then taken through a thorough body inspection. This helps to ensure that the candidate is in good health and meets the desire figure standards as described by the armed forces. In this process, the officials ensure that the candidates do not have any tattoos on their bodies, varicose veins or excessive mass on their bodies. Moreover, ladies are not expected to have double piercing on their ears.

Intelligence test

The intelligence test, also known as the aptitude test, helps to determine the reasoning and thinking capabilities of a candidate. They are asked questions in an examination set up about how they can handle individual and societal problems.

Outdoor Leadership Test

At this stage, the remaining candidates are organized in teams. They are supposed to expose their prowess in working together to solve problem. Their scores are awarded based on their ability to work as a group with similar interests.

Health Examination

To work in the army, one must be of good health. As such, candidates who have reached this stage must be medically screened at 37 Military Hospital. Each part of their body is checked to ensure that the person meets the fitness standards required by the army.


At this last stage, the candidates meet a panel of military officials who ask them questions regarding various aspects of the army. The candidate must be bold and be sure of what they are presenting to the panel.

If a person passes all the stages, he is informed to join the Ghana Military Academy.

Remember, all these steps come in the order outlined above. It is recommended that a person should not pay anything to join the army as this will be considered as bribery.

Ghana Army Recruitment forms/Dates

When the announcement for recruitment is made, individuals are asked to buy the forms of application. They are usually sold at designated places in Ghana .Joining the army is a dream for many youths in the country. As such, people must be always be updated to know when the forms are out for sale. Failure to this, they can miss the opportunity of joining the army.

The Ghana Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form is not available. Kindly drop your name and email in the comment box to be notified once the recruitment starts.

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