PNG Defence Force Recruitment 2019: Requirements & Application Form

PNG Defence Force Recruitment

Apply for Papua New Guinea PNG Defence Force Recruitment 2019, Basic Requirements & Application Form at png defence force address to join the Png Defence Force. The Recruiting Office in Murray Barracks has started screening applications for next year’s intake (General Enlistee, Officer Cadet and Direct Entry), interested applicants should apply now via the steps below

Papua New Guinea PNG Defence Force

The Functions of the Defence Force are set out under Section 202 of the Constitution as follows:

  • To defend Papua New Guinea and its territory;
  • To assist in the fulfillment of Papua New Guinea’s international obligations;
  • To provide assistance to the civilian authorities in meeting civil disasters, the restoration of public order and security and meeting national emergencies; and
  • To contribute to national development tasks.

The Duty of the Defence Force to carry out the lawful orders of the Government…is stipulated under Section 4 of the Defence Act.

PNG Defence Force Recruitment

To those interested in joining the PNGDF:


This is for applicants who want to become a Soldier are to go through 3 months recruit training in Goldie Recruit Training Depot. Only males are
eligible to apply. Female recruitment has been halted for an indefinite period.

Age: Between 18-27 years for General Enlistee


This is if you want to become an Officer in the PNGDF. Training is for 18months and is done at the Joint Forces Academy in Igam Barracks, Lae, formally known as the Defence Academy.
Both Males and Females are eligible to apply if you fit all the criterias as posted previously on this page.

Age: Between 18-30 years for Officer Cadet


This applies to those who already have Tertiary qualifications and are
currently in the workforce, and are interested to join the force as a Specialist in your respective fields. Training is
only for 3 months in Igam Barracks, Lae in which you will learn the basics of the army. Both Females and Males are
eligible to apply

Age: Between 18-30 years for Direct Entry

PNG Defence Force Requirements

1. Expression/Letter of Interest;
2. Copies of Certificates (Grades 10 &12 ) and other Tertiary Certificates;
3. Police clearance;
4. Updated CV &
5. Reference

How to Apply for Papua New Guinea PNG Defence Force Recruitment 2019


The PNGDF Recruiting Office does NOT have an EMAIL ADDRESS and there are NO APPLICATION FORMS. Interested Applicants may apply by providing required docs as stated above.

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  1. I’m a grade 12 student,
    2018 is my final year my ambition is to become an army to deserve and for my beloved country(PNG).
    I study the science courses : The physics,
    Maths A,
    Chemistry and
    Biology..Please I really need your help..Thank you.

  2. I want to apply for cadet officer for 2019 recruitment. I graduated last year taking building & architect. Currently I’m working as assistances building supervisor. Please could you email me the application for 2019.

  3. Interested in joining PNGDF, can you please email me the requirements including the recruiting address.
    Your respond would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you!

  4. I Oscar Wima, a third year male student at PNGUOT-Department of Applied Sciences, I am very interested to join the PNGDF team, the Officer Cadet program in 2019.
    Please email me by advising me the necessary points to go about, and the application form for 2019.

  5. I am interested to apply for cadet officer. I have all my documents ready. Am I going to drop them off at Murray Barracks, Headquarters?

  6. I’m interested to be recruited as a member to PNGDF.
    Could you please email the application on the address given.

  7. I have keen interest to be part of our Country force. How can I apply with in your Technical department I.T especially.?

  8. How many references exactly do i need to attach to the application form?? and can i have a application form please..

  9. Currently I’m doing my third year at UPNG. However, I have a tremendous interest to serve my country as a officer.

    If given the opportunity would be a dream come true.

    The interested individual.

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